Campus Pastors of Frederiksberg – CBS and  LIFE Science and Metropol Læreruddannelse.
We welcome you to student life in Denmark!

In Denmark all public institutions, such as hospitals and universities, have their own religious professionals.

On Frederiksberg’s Campus at CBS and LIFE Science, and Metropol læreruddannelse, Charlotte Cappi Grunnet and Søren Kjær Bruun are the university chaplains. As university chaplains, we are a part of the Church of Denmark; we offer counseling and other services to students at the university and other educational institutions in Frederiksberg.

You are welcome to contact us at any time, should you need personal counseling, desire information on our activities, or need our help to get in contact with other religious institutions during your stay in Denmark. Contact information can be found in the headbar “contact us”.

Our office is in Saint Thomas Kirke, L.I. Brandes Allé 5, Frederiksberg and sometimes at Fridays.
We are also at studievejledergangen on CBS, Solbjerg Plads but please contact us so we can make an appointment.

As pastors for the students, we are ready to assist you and have one-to-one conversations about big and small issues. You do not need to be of Christian faith, or any faith, in order to contact us – we are there for all the students no matter what their beliefs are. Sometimes it is nice to have someone to be in contact with regarding issues and concerns which are on your mind and which you do not necessarily want to share with family and friends. The Students Priest is one of several counseling offers in the Danish University environment. Conversations are confidential, we do not keep records, and all counseling is free of charge.


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